Investigating Oracle locks using systemtap

A few weeks ago i was reading a great article written by Franck Pachot  about investigating lock issue using event 10704 , so come to me the idea to use systemtap for this investigation as it give us more flexibility (For example : monitoring TM lock only on a specific table).

The first step is to identify the name of the functions responsible for lock acquisition and release (Lock conversion is left as an exercise to the reader). Hopefully , Franck already identified them using the 10704 event. The second step is to identify which registers may contain interesting value such as lock address,type,etc accessible from our probe points , after a few trial and errors it was easy to determine them.

Here is it :  (My test database is

Lock get : ksqgtlctx

  • Register(R08) : Lock type  (INDX column on X$KSIRESTYP)
  • Register(RSI) : Mode
  • Register(R09) : id1
  • Register(R12) : id2
  • Register(RDI) : lock address

Lock release : ksqrcl

  • Register(RDI) : lock address

That’s it 😀 we can now write the scripts we want based on probes on the previous functions.

This simple script print the process id of the sessions requesting a TM lock (INDX 79 on table X$KSIRESTYP) on object id 112769  (Table TX).

#! /usr/bin/env stap

probe process("oracle").function("ksqgtlctx") {
if ( register("r9") == 112769 && register("r8") == 79 )
printf("Lock of type TM was requested on table TX by process %d \n",pid() ) ;

Capture 1

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