Workaround for Linux Perf Probes issue for Oracle Tracing

As explained in my previous post there is some issues with uprobes and the recent kernel/oracle version.Based on the workaround that i described i will show in  this short blog post how we can put a probe point on oracle function using Linux Perf. Sadly i haven’t figured out a way to do that using systemtap (Special thanks to Frank Ch. Eigler for his help)

Test oracle

This example is based on Luca Canali Post Linux Perf Probes for Oracle Tracing

Tracing pmon  wait events using perf :

Capture 01

Error !

Applying the workaround (tracing the next instruction : kskthewt+2)

perf probe -x oracle  kskthewt+2 timestamp=%di event=%si

Capture 02

Perfect it’s working !

Let’s inspect the code :

Capture 03

Good that’s what we wanted !

That’s it 😀

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