POUG : The power of linux advanced tracer slides

What i have to say ? I’m still amazed of how awesome was this POUG conference like usually. A lot of geeks coming  from all around the world sharing knowledge ,learning new stuffs , meeting new and old friends and having fun 😀

So thanks to the POUG team for letting me be part of this great experience again 🙂

And there was also a surprise at the end of conference , a great one ! I’m now an ACE associate and that’s coooooool !!! So thanks to Kamil Stawiarski and Franck Pachot for there nomination and support !! That’s F$^**g awesome !  Thanks 🙂

Dmj6P1RXsAEdaLH.jpg large

And as promised here is my presentation slides (Yeah that’s me and i was a little on steroid that day :p at least that’s what they said to me :p stop running Forrest 😀   )

That’s it 😀

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