Slow database startup and unified auditing

Few days ago i was notified of a very slow database startup time after someone installed a new application. Here is the result obtained in a clone environment  :

Capture 01

5 Min ! That’s great … let’s see what’s going on :

There is nothing special in the log/trace files but i noticed  high CPU consumption :

Capture 02

Using Linux perf tools here is what i found (different screen capture sorry :p)  :

Capture 03

It seem that something related to auditing is slowing down the startup process . The database is running in pure unified auditing mode.

Capture 04

Whaaaaaat ….. 16750 AUDIT policies ! Created automatically by the application !

AS the manual  state :

Capture 05

So i created only one audit policy and loaded all the other audit actions in it :

Capture 06

25 Sec ! Ok that’s far better !

I have now to talk to the application support team to check why they have done …..


That’s it 😀




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