Oracle 19c Event mapping files

Here is the event mapping files for the new oracle 19c

As usual this include new added/removed events  :

Capture 01

19c on the left/18c on the right

As i showed in my previous blog post this event mapping files can be used in different use cases.Such as flame graph annotation :

perf record -g -p 2022
perf script | FlameGraph-master/ > out.perf-folded
cat out.perf-folded | sed -f oracle_function_to_event_mapping18c.sed > out_annotate.perf-folded
FlameGraph-master/ out_annotate.perf-folded > perf-oracle_annotate.svg


Capture 02


We can also add some more information using Frits Hoogland script to add function names 😀

annotate_flamegraph.awk perf-oracle_annotate.svg > perf-oracle_annotate+.svg

Capture 03

That’s it have fun 😀

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