MySQL overall server status report

Has MySQL a built-in way to easily take a look at the overall server status without the need to execute many different custom query or program ? Maybe something similar to an oracle AWR report ?

Starting with MySQL 5.7.9 and later we can use the SYS procedure “diagnostics()” for that which rely the information available on the PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA !

Let’s give it a try  by generating a HTML report for the currently running instance (starts an iteration every 30 seconds and runs for at most 60 seconds using the current Performance Schema settings ) :

mysql -u root -p -H -e"CALL sys.diagnostics(60, 30, 'current');" > ./current_instance_report.html

The report contain information such as :

Wait event :

Capture 05

Statement execution :

Capture 01

Capture 02

I/O :

Capture 04

Replication :

Capture 08

Metrics :

Capture 06

Standard Monitor output :

Capture 03


For historical analysis we can decide to schedule a cron job for this procedure  example  :

0 * * * *  mysql -u root -H  -e"CALL sys.diagnostics(3600, 1800, 'current');" > /home/blabla/instance_report_$(date +"%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M")


And that was my first MySQL blog post 😀


11 thoughts on “MySQL overall server status report

    • This report allow us to easily collect different diagnostic information in one call. For informaion on how to interpret them please take a look at the online doc 🙂

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