pgSilo Extension : Enhance your PostgreSQL security and isolation

PgSilo is a new PostgreSQL extension that aim to provide better security and isolation by confining PostgreSQL back-end session into silo. Every PostgreSQL cluster will be split into many silo, we can have at must one silo per database, this aim to provide better native security when deploying PostgreSQL. A compromised process connected to database A  (Silo A) will not be able to affect database B (Silo B)  in the same cluster or in another database cluster on same HOST machine. That’s the ultimate objective , but we are still far from that!

pgSilo is still in active development and there is still a lot to do but I decided to share it at the early stage to get feedback and contribution of course . Here is a glimpse of what the actual Pre-APLHA release can do :

Essentially, at this stage pgsilo allow back-end process connected to different silo (database) to have a different view of the file system layout, which aim to provide fs access control and isolation. Pgsilo rely on Linux namespace for that. The back-end process are bound to different child user and mount namespaces. The new FS layout is constructed using a combination of Bind mount and pivot root.

Here is the basic configuration :

  • pgsilo.base_root_dir : Define a temporary directory to be used as a base for building the new roots path
  • pgsilo.custom_fs_layout: Define custom fs layout per database (default (required),db1,db2)

The FS layout is defined using a whitelist configuration file. Example:

  • Default /path_to_the_withlist_file_list
  • Db_name /path_to_the_withlist_file_list2
  • Db_name2 /path_to_the_withlist_file_list3

Example : /path_to_the_withlist_file_list

  • Source_directory destination_directory flag(ro|rw)

Ok let’s give it a try :

First, download the extension and install it.

Then populate the two parameters:

  • pgsilo.root_dir = ‘/var/tmp/postgres_tmp_root’
  • pgsilo.custom_fs_layout=’/tmp/custom_layout.txt’

Finally create the required fs configuration file :

That’s it , all done ! Now start your server :

We have now our configured silo (namespace created) as specified .

if we create a new session to a target database it will automatically join the corresponding silo and enter it’s new home “jail”.

As stated there still many thing to DO in the current release :

  • Integration with selinux (The test are done with selinux set to permissive)
  • Creating a default and minimal FS layout
  • Code review and enhancement
  • Regression test

And here is some idea for future development :

  • Integration with Linux cgroup (There is already pgcrgoup we could integrate it)
  • Integration with seccomp (There is already pgseccomp we cloud integrate it)
  • Integrating with other namespace (Example : Pid/Network namespaces)

Ok that’s was my first contribution to the PostgreSQL community i hope that this idea and project will move forward 🙂


Stay tuned …

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