How setting cursor_sharing= force can break you application !

Here we are talking of course of “very” badly designed application ! When setting “cursor_sharing= force” you may spot that some part of the application start crashing or generating wrong result. This due to one of the common but not well known side effect of setting cursor sharing to FORCE.

Thomas Kyte already described this side effect a long time ago in his book “Expert Oracle Database Architecture”

So as we can see the column length is suddenly much larger when turning cursor_sharing to force you can take a look here to know why is that. This side effect has caused some badly written application to crash (For example generating CSV file and injecting them into an ETL job) and it took some time to find the root cause of that. So it’s good to now that in any case 😉

That’s it 🙂

2 thoughts on “How setting cursor_sharing= force can break you application !

    • Hi,

      Thanks for sharing i was not aware that Function Based Index was fixed on 19C with (Patch 25575369: FUNCTION BASED INDEX BASED WITH SUBSTR NOT USED WHEN CURSOR_SHARING=FORCE) Indeed it will be great to have this fixed also for this particular issue which is still there on 19C. It will allow me to resolve many other problems !

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