Tuning Orachrome Lighty for less monitoring overhead

Orachrome Lighty is a great tool for monitoring our oracle databases even in case we do not have the diagnostic packs license or in case we are using the standard edition. It really on statspack and L-ASH for collecting the needed information.

This blog post is not about the different feature offered by the tool or how to use, there are already many articles covering that.  I will focus on the overhead I noticed when trying this great tool and the different solution that can be implemented to alleviate them.

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Metric Extension : CPU usage and capacity planning

CPU usage is one of the KPIs usually used for capacity planning, it’s supposed to allow us to determine the remaining available capacity. But with hyper-threading enabled things can become much more complicated as the Linux operating system assumes that all threads are equal and thus overstates the CPU capacity. So the CPU usage may be wrongly interpreted if we don’t take into account that !

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Unified auditing and centralized logging solution (SPLUNK)

In this part, we will see one way of sending unified auditing data to a centralized logging solution outside the Oracle Database. We will not be looking at remote SYSLOG as there is many missing information when redirecting audit data to syslog (Missing Audit Infomation In The Unified Audit Trail Records Sent To SYSLOG (Doc ID 2520613.1))

Still for remote syslog auditing we can set the parameter “unified_audit_systemlog= ‘LOCAL5.INFO’”

In addition, add the following entry in “rsyslog.conf” to enabled Reliable Message forwarding (https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_enterprise_linux/7/html/system_administrators_guide/s1-working_with_queues_in_rsyslog) :

Capture syslog remote

On the remote audit server just uncomment the lines “$ModLoad imtcp $InputTCPServerRun 514”.

Ok but this is not the purpose of this blog post, here we are going to look at how we can integrate oracle unified audit data with SPLUNK using Splunk DB Connect and the oracle add-on.

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Off-Cpu Analysis using pSnapper

Tanel Poder have just shared an awesome tool Linux Process Snapper 🙂 Which is as he described “a Linux /proc profiler that works by sampling Linux task states and other metrics from /proc/PID/task/TID pseudofiles” . What i like about the tool is the easy of use and also that it allow Off-Cpu  analysis  (For more info about Off-Cpu analysis please take a look at Brendan Gregg Blog )

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Oracle 19c Event mapping files

Here is the event mapping files for the new oracle 19c

As usual this include new added/removed events  :

Capture 01

19c on the left/18c on the right

As i showed in my previous blog post this event mapping files can be used in different use cases.Such as flame graph annotation :

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