Combining SQL TRACE & SYSTEMTAP Part1: No more CPU double-counting (Unaccounted-for Time)

There is many reason for unaccounted for time in an Extended SQL trace file one of them is CPU consumption double-counting and this is the subject of this post.For a good case showing when CPU double counting can be significant see Luca Canali Post

So here is an excerpt of what we are going to achieve :

Normal trace file :
Capture 1

New trace file showing cpu consumption inside wait event :Capture 2
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V$SQL_CS_STATISTICS return no rows in 12C ! It’s time to trace ! [systemtap tracing]

In my last blog post i tried to demonstrate the effect of activating row source statistics on the calculation of “rows_processed” in v$sql_cs_statistics and the effect this may have in Adaptive cursor sharing. Sadly V$SQL_CS_STATISTICS  appear to return no rows in 12c ( and also as Mohamed Houri said “Even in 11g the number of rows processed was not updated before a cursor is bind aware” (In the comment section of my last post ). So there is apparently no way to see the different raw execution statistics used by the monitoring component of adaptive cursor sharing in 12C or before the cursor is marked bind aware in 11G ! Really  ? It’s time to dig deeper !

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