Mapping table blocks to NUMA nodes : Scattered or Clustered ?

Depending on the location of table blocks in the buffer cache performance may be affected (Ex : Tables blocks scattered across all the nodes or clustered on one node). In this blog post i will show quickly how to map table blocks to NUMA nodes based on my previous work done in this blog post.(Mapping ORACLE SGA components to numa nodes using NUMA API)

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Manual balancing of SGA components across numa nodes [NUMA API:move_pages()]

In my previous blog post i showed how we can display memory components  (Buffer cache,Shared pool,Large Pool,etc) distribution across the different NUMA nodes using the NUMA API. But what to do if we want to have more control ? Can we for example isolate a specific SGA components in a specific set of nodes ?

Suppose for example that you are using the IN-MEMORY column store and only a few user are relying heavily on it.Would it be useful to collocate them on a specific set of nodes to improve memory access latency.For sure it depend  ! But we can do it ! Using the NUMA API and specifically the function “move_pages” we can distribute the memory pages  across NUMA nodes as we want !

Automatic NUMA Balancing which is enabled by default on UEK R4  rely on a similar mechanism for moving the memory pages closer to where the task is executing.(For more info check this) but it does not support for now the migration of  Huge Pages (hugetlbfs)

[root@svltest ~]# sysctl -a | grep numa_balancing
kernel.numa_balancing = 1
kernel.numa_balancing_scan_delay_ms = 1000
kernel.numa_balancing_scan_period_max_ms = 60000
kernel.numa_balancing_scan_period_min_ms = 1000
kernel.numa_balancing_scan_size_mb = 256

This is what we are going to achieve in this blog post :

Capture 0

Capture 20

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