Monitoring Linux kernel limits for oracle database

This is just a quick a note  to show how we can monitor some important kernel parameters limits. This can be very  handy in case of highly consolidated database environment where the default limits are usually not enough.


Capture 03

Capture 01

20 array out of 256 are used  and 21 semaphore out of 32000 are used.

Maximum number of open file handles (fs.file-max)

Capture 02

3360 out of 6815744 are used .

Maximum number of current asynchronous I/O requests (fs.aio-max-nr)

Capture 04

0 out 1048576 slots are used .


Capture 05

Capture 06

1 segment out of 4096 is used  and almost all the shared memory is free.

Hugepages configuration (vm.nr_hugepages)

Capture 07

That’s it  🙂 for guideline for setting the initial value for this parameters i invite you to check the following docs :


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